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AKA: Bonn, Bizzle, B-nasty, BB, Bonnalicious, Double Bubbles<3

Hello! I am 22. I live with my did in little ole country Lake Butler. I work at Texas Roadhouse and have for about 2 1/2 years. I'm expecting my first child due February 27th. I'm usually working, or hanging out at the house studying. :*) I love going out to dinner and meeting new people. I live w/ 3 cats Miss Priss, Oneill, and Bleaker. I love them dearly.<3 I'm grumpy a lot, & I whine, I'm one of the best friends youll ever have as soon as you get to know me. I have 11 piercings- cartilidge both ears, tragus, first and second hole in my ear, rook on both sides & bellybutton on top and bottom.. I have one tattoo.. of a ViOlEt! and there will soon be another! Overall add me.... take a leap of fate!
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