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I need to get my computer fixed horribly bad!
I hate updating at the library its pretty gay..
2 many people

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I want another 1 of these for my birthday this year & thats it.....  & I wish my birthday was right now so I didn't have to wait :)

Elijah is going to be a cop soon!  Aaah were all going down!
30 dollars short on rent

Forgetting Sarah Marshall = Hilarious

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It's so hot today!!  I took Justin to work this morning came home did laundry.  Gabby came over for a little bit we hung out.  I picked Justin up for his lunch break we came home..  had sex.. twice ;) went to Krystals for lunch, I ran him back to work then went to get my eyebrows waxed & buy some shit from CVS.  Exciting day let me tell ya...  I have to finish getting my laundry together so I can finish it all today yay!

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Bye bye roomate..  Christen moved out today.  It's nice being only Justin and I but now we have to find an entertainment center for the living room. 

I was so incredibly hung over today it was awful!  I laid in bed all day besides going to get ice cream! 
and driving around the endtymers community haha.  Applebee's and County Line last nigtht... exciting!

I watched Baby Momma tonight it was a cute movie! blah blah im exhausted.  Im going to work a double tomorrow which blows but I need the money so I need to work more and quit being lazy especially with tips sucking like they do, its awful~~

I hung out with Aly & Michelle at Chelseas 22nd birthday party. It was nice since I haven't seen them in a while.

Dominick is slowly fading from my mind. I don't think I'm totally interested in him anymore. Not like we were ever more than friends but, now I def. just like him as a friend even if he is a cutie. No more crush!

Mom made Rio Grande dip last night it was so good. Thank goodness I didnt have to work for once last night so mom & I hung out & ate dinner together. I was going to read her cards but I got too tired & think I fell asleep in my room. But, I finished the book "The Devil Wears Prada" it wasn't that great, I havent seen the movie yet cause I wanted to read the book first, so i'm prolly going to go by the movie today~!

Due to the rain all night last night I'm not going to my psychologist this morning. My mom told me the roads would be too dangerous especially on the interstate on my way to work after my appt. I totally agreed & didnt feel like getting up anyway :) I def forgot to do my homework for my appointment, so Im glad I had an excuse not to go. Plus its such a rush every Friday rush to get to Gainesville, rush through the hospital to get to the psych ward on time then rush to my car afterwards & rush to be at work by 11, which almost always involves me doing 90 on the interstate.

Only 3 months left of school how exciting! We leave to go to New York on the 10th I can't wait it's going to be so exciting! Plus I hate working 45 hours a week & attending school 40. I feel so busy/tired all the time & never have time to do much else. But I'm now thinking of attending makeup school when I'm doing with Cosmetology so I can learn everything! We will see I guess.

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Yesterday I went to Gainesville.  Allen & I had lunch together & hung out at the office with my doggie (Rocky)  He then went to dinner w/ my mom, dad, Sally, Steven, & I.  Afterwards I got to open my presents from the fam...  I got a CHI blowdryer (the PRO one which is the newest one out) I got a CHI straightener the limited edition one! also the newest out, with CHI products all for my station at school.  My brother bought me the Book 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed. 2 shirts from express, & some Dolce & Gabana - Light Blue perfume!  tonight I have to work 6-8 then I'm going to Gainesville, I will probably hang out with Allen unless he already has plans then Hannah & I will probablty go to my boy Corey's & get into some trouble!!  But thats the extent of it.....  I have to go to Orlando Sunday for our Christmas w/ the rest of the family, I can't wait to see my little cousins!  They are so cute!  Alright Im going to play with my CHI stuff.  Have a good day! :)

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Happy Holidays!

Hanging out w/ Hannah tonight! Yay!

Today was so boring, I'm ready to get out of the house.

Tomorrow is my last day of Christmas shopping, I can't wait to finish it all..

Love you guys!

I've been on break from school since last Thursday, & Ive managed to drink every night since then!  But, today my kidneys are killing me to say the least..  So, no drinks for me tonight.  It was quite an exciting week + but Im going to try to just recap the weekend.  Friday night I worked then drove to Gainesville met up with Jason.  We got a bottle of Iceberg & started drinking..  we met Megan Josh Zach & Mikey at a party..  It was fun...besides a lil drama ;)  We hung out for a lil bit then Zach, Megan, Mikey, Jason, & I decided to head downtown..  We were walking by the courthouse when we saw Hailey (Jason's ex's best friend) kinda confusing needless to say that was not so good haha. We went to the lil strip club got DrUnK then went to Marc's house..Then to Megan's where I passed out at I think 7:00?  Long night..  Saturday morning Jason, Megan & I went to the mall Christmas shopping then I went to work around 6 till about 7:30.. Met up with Hannah we got a fifth of crown..drank it all before she Had to leave my house at 11:30.  Jason picked me up we went to Reid's to hang out with Austin & Chelsea thennnnn home again, this morning when Jason left I cleaned my house then went to Subway...  ive been lazing around all day.  I need to smoke a blunt...yup..  But thats all my excitement..

I think I'm going to try not to drink for a while because my kidneys are seriously fucked & I talk enough as it is when i get drunk you CAN NOT SHUT ME UP!  I think I even annoy myself.  Wait, I know I do!  But...yea I dont think I can go without drinking. It was worth the thought though.
Last night
Hannah & I were in the gas station & a cop was just sitting outside so we go in to get cups with ice.. we were trying to act straight but we couldnt quit laughing i was like were gonna look obvious with just ice in our cups so we filled it up with water then drove down the street and dumped it out.  I think it was one of those ya gotta be there..  But it was funny Ive havent been that drunk in a while we had a blast.

That show on Oxygen, Bad Girls or something has to be the funniest shit ever when that girl drank that whole tequila bottle then was trying to fight everyone, I totally wouldve punched her in her face shes an idiot but it was hilarious watching it.

..................................................I think the TV is calling my name.....................peace*

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School is great! :) I love it.
Boys are boys... as always.
& life in general is actually ok, I'm lonely a lot & don't have anyone to truly tell how I feel to, but I don't mind ya know sometimes its easier to keep it all inside, makes life seem better anyway
November 23-27 I'm going to Missouri! My friend Joe is going to visit his friends so Im going with its going to be quite exciting since i think we are just staying with some random friends of his... hmm..
Halloween party on Saturday that I can't wait to attend but Im not sure of what Im going to be ha
Kidneys are killing me.... I need to sllooww down, but I think its almost impossible now.
I'm getting a new car, can't wait especially for my 22's im getting also ha
& thats my oh so exciting update of my oh so boring life

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Summer makes me so lazy!  I love it!  Yesterday I went grocery shopping.  It's fun to go when its your parents money haha.  Jason called me last night, he wanted to hang out so he picked me up around 7. & we rode around & just talked it was so great, I haven't had a good conversation with him in forever.  I saw Joey Hunter.  Hung out a lil with Ryan Barnett, went to Mikey's house saw him & Bubba & ended up coming home around 12.  We might hang out tonight again hes going to call me when he gets off work.  Kevin kept calling me last night telling me hes saving to buy a ring for me so i shouldnt be hanging out with guys im like you are so weird!  these are my guy friends, your 5 hours a way get over it!  anyways sorry retarded drama, well its raining so im going to try to take a nap for a little bit!  Bye!


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