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I know it's good to read to your baby before they get here but I can't find any books I like! I have successfully read everything I own. Do you guys have any suggestions for books you have enjoyed?
My phone bill is so exspensive I have 2 lines which I only use 1 and my wireless hasnt been used since it got stolen but I still have to pay for it monthly! Which leads to my phone getting shut off every month and them charging me an extra $30 to turn it back on. I never had these problems with Alltell.... Verizon sucks do not use them!
Somehow I have managed to get ants in my car I don't understand why they would be there when there is NO FOOD! It frustrates me I clean it out then they come back....
I think I am just super stressed out about everything Im either super angry, or crying over the drop of a hat and it's really starting to bother me!!

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the ants come when there is water too. it's so weird.

very true I didn't even think about that and it has been raining here a lot.

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